Sustainable living

5 Oct 2008

Where to begin

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EcoCircles is about creating sustainable habits in our backyards. But what does it truly mean to be sustainable? As I'm washing dishes, I reflect on the soap I am using and the running water. Or, there's the soap and shampoo I use when I shower. There are so many ways we are connected into a consumer model of society, the choice to be more sustainable seems like an endless battle. So, where do we start.

23 May 2008

Use online music

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I love music. It is another one of those things that can add beauty to my day. A few months ago, I signed up for Pandora and I've come to love it. They have what they call the Music Genome Project that categorizes music based on a number of factors so when you add a song or artist you like, they play similar music.

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